Find Hams in Your Area

When I first used this map page, I couldn’t believe how many hams there actually are in this area. Now, I’m wondering why more of them aren’t in our amateur radio club?


  1. Joe (KD8CEH) says:

    Dunno, but it suggests that it might be possible to pull a list of hams in the area and send them invitations to join. Arrow’s asking people to send in callsigns they see on license plates so we can send them material about the Dayton trip — why not just hit every ham in a Washtenaw, Wayne, or Oakland Co. zip code?

  2. Dan, Have ARROW buy some postcards. I’ll help address them and send them out. BTW: I’m send in my dues. JE

  3. Joe KD8CEH says:

    If we can get it as a database pull, we should be able to print the labels in bulk — we may even be able to go through a bulk mail place to get their postage rate, since there will be several hundred recipients.

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