Franki Made My Day

I grilled some chicken for dinner today. Unfortunately, the cheap, store-brand charcoal I bought wasn’t all that hot, so it took longer than usual. Fortunately, though, I used that time to fire up the rig and get on 30m.

At 2130Z, Europe was booming in. I got on 10.118 MHz and started calling CQ. Nearly right away I get a call from SP3DIO who gives me a 579 report. Very cool.

After calling CQ again, I get a call from HA8KW, Feco. I give him a 449, and he replies with a 559. (Concidentally, I hear K8QKY, who’s less than 5 miles away from me, call HA8KW right after me and exchange 599 reports with him. Makes me think that I need to do something about my 30m antenna.)

At this point, it’s 2145Z, and I have about 15 minutes left before the chicken’s done. So, I tune around a bit and hear OQ5M, Franki, calling CQ around 10.106 MHz. He has a good, strong signal, and with band conditions being so good, I’m sure I’ll work him.

Sure enough, he comes right back to me and gives me a 579 report. He throws it back to me, and since it sounds like he’s running stations, I keep my transmission short, giving him the “TU 579 73 ES GUD DX” thing.

Well, I’m surprised when he comes back and thanks me, using my name, and saying, “I ENJOY READING UR BLOG.” Now, I’ve run into the occasional reader from here in the states, but Franki is the first DX op I’ve run into who reads my blog. It not only surprised me, but really made my day.


  1. Dan, glad to hear I made your day but that may be too much credit. I was just doing what I like most next to CW contesting: CW (of course) DX on 30m. While the bands have been horrible lately, 30m has been wide open this summer to all parts of the world from here around the time we QSO’ed. When the sun sets I start working JA and two hours later I turn the rotary dipole 90° and start working USA. PY and LU gets through no matter how I turn the dipole, and the occasional VK slips through as well. Last night even a VP8 called in. Ain’t DX on 30m great?
    I immediately recognized your call. It’s always nice when someone ‘familiar’ calls in, especially when it’s DX. I enjoy reading your blog and now I’m even one of the headlines! I guess that’s my famous-for-15-minutes moment HI.
    Take care and enjoy the hobby and the blogging.
    73 de Franki ON5ZO = OQ5M
    BTW K8QKY indeed won the 30m shootout here… But it was a close race ;o)

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