Free Antenna Modeling Software

Dan, AC6LA, has a new domain name, On the site, there is a variety of software, including some programs that are free:

  • MultiNEC – Run Antenna Modeling Programs on AutoPilot – $39
  • EZPlots – Plot EZNEC Frequency Sweep Data – $19
  • XLZIZL – Picture the Rest of Your Antenna System – Free
  • MakeGIF – Make a GIF / JPEG / PNG File from a Clipboard Copy – Free
  • TLDetails – Transmission Line Program with Animated Charts – Free
  • MoxGen – Moxon Rectangle Generator – Free

TLDetails and MoxGen are self-contained, the others require that you
have Excel 97 or later already installed.

TLDetails looks really interesting to me.


  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We released FREE version of Antenna simulation software. Is it possible to place a link on your site?

    Best regards,



    DESCRIPTION: EMCoS Antenna VLab Student Version edition contains the full-functional MoM based 3D EM solver. It lets to solve task that fits into as big as 2GB memory for incore or out-of-core calculations. Both, 32Bit and 64Bit versions are available.

  2. I use 4NEC2 ( It isn’t the most intuitive (sometimes) and it has a steeper learning curve than EasyNEC.

    In the past, I used CocoaNEC, also free, but OS X only. Truthfully, I like CocoaNEC better than 4NEC2, but I’ve switched back from Mac to Windows.

    73 de AC8JO

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