Free Spectrogram Program, Web-Based Radio

Here are a couple of items from mailing lists I am on.

Free Spectrogram Program
Ken, K3IU writes to the Elecraft mailing list:

For those interested, Spectrogram is again available as Freeware. Richard’s website, says:

Version 16 is being made available as freeware to replace the older freeware versions of the software relied upon by the majority of Spectrogram users. The download at left is a self-extracting setup program that will install Spectrogram on a single computer.

Web-Based Radio in Europe
Steve, G4GXL writes to the mailing list:

This really deserves a bit of publicity !

A web-based SDR (software defined receiver) located in The Netherlands but controlled simultaneously by multiple listeners worldwide is now available. Listen in realtime to parts of the 40 and 80m bands as heard in Europe.

Definitely the coolest thing I’ve seen on the web for some time !

Go listen at –


  1. Ben Hutchinson says:

    Who’s this Richard guy who wrote Spectrogram 16? His site is down, and I don’t know his contact info. Please someone give me his email address.

  2. Dan KB6NU says:

    Hmmmmm. You’re right. I Googled around and found a G4ILO blog post that notes that the company that developed Spectrogram 16, Visualization Software LLC, closed up shop last May. Further Googling located an earlier version of the program at

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