French Handbook: Gratuit!

The 2011 Big ‘French Handbook’ by F6BCU is now free to download


According to Jean-Nicolas, F6BCU, it contains numerous technical articles, including many home-brew projects.

A Google translation of the handbook description reads:

Better than a handbook on the issue and receiving amateur radio, which always reminds own grand theories and basic principles of radio -electricity, this compilation (2100 A4 pages, 225 articles) building radio already published, to be published and unpublished, is the essential traveling more than 45 years (1966-2011) of activities and technical achievements of OM F6BCU.This new CD to download (exclusively on Onlineradio) includes all editions radio techniques of the Blue Line, consisting mostly of original articles constructions of the author of historical articles reconstituted according to existing assembly … This new CD does not stop there because the building “Home-made” continuous for future constructions book is already full for the future. The Handbook of the Blue Line is must-have, and that’s good, because Download it free here! Author’s website: Any reproduction in part of the CD is prohibited without the express permission of the author (F6BCU) or


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