From my inbox: VE7VC, Tonewriter, World Amateur Radio Day

Tiffany and her grandfather, Victor, VE7VC (SK).

What a Wonderful World. Tiffany remembers her grandfather, VE7VC (SK).

Use a Hammond B3 to send CW. Forest, WB0RIO, has developed Tonewriter—an experimental system that uses an Arduino and a Hammond B3 organ to encode text as a series of audio tones. The messages can then be displayed on a spectrogram, which is used by ham radio operators to visualize the audio that is received by a radio receiver.

April 18 is World Amateur Radio Day. The International Amateur Radio Union has selected the theme “Amateur Radio:  Entering Its Second Century of Disaster Communications” for this year’s World Amateur Radio Day (WARD).


  1. Dave, N8SBE says:

    Download a (free) copy of EasyPAL from, and hang out on 14.233 MHz for a while (Digital SSTV frequency on 20 meters), with your speaker/headphone/line out plugged into your PC soundcard input. Aside from the awesome digital pictures being swapped back and forth that make analog SSTV look really poor by comparison, pay attention to the waterfall display and you will see what I refer to as ‘stupid waterfall tricks’, i.e. text and pictures encoded in the waterfall.

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