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ARRL Atlantic Division Adds Resources to Aid Amateur Radio Clubs: The ARRL Atlantic Division leadership has cr…

Atlantic Division director Bill Edgar, N3LLR, is truly one of the directors that knows what he’s doing.


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The Rockmite is back ! A HF transceiver with built in keyer for $40 –][.… #hamr #hamradio #qrp

The Rockmite is a classic. If you haven’t built any kits lately, consider picking up one of these and doing so.


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Alan Wolke W2AEW @AlanAtTek
Lots of folks liked my “how to test BJTs” video, and asked for a similar one on MOSFETs. Here it is:…Another great W2AEW video. I don’t know how he has time to do these, but they’re certainly worth watching.


  1. Frank WA8WHP says:

    Hi Dan. You just cost me some money. I just bought the 20 meter xcvr, that Rockmite II. Oh well tnx. I needed another project. Now to figure a way to put it on PSK or other digital modes. The power level looks about right.

    • Hi, Frank. My pleasure. :)

      I don’t think you’ll be able to run PSK with this little rig. You can’t modulate the signal. You might take a look at the KN-Q7A from CR Kits, though. It is a QRP single-sideband transceiver for $130 (shipping included).

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