From the Trade Mags

I’m on the distribution list for many different electronics trade magazines. Quite often, there are articles of interest to amateur radio operators. Here are four of them—two from electronic design and two from EE Times—that I hope you’ll find interesting.

Radiated efficiency: A true measure of antenna performance
Many engineers tend to think of antennas in terms of gain, but the author argues that we’d be better off if instead we evaluated antennas in terms of efficiency, that is how well it turns the power supplied to the feedpoint into radiated energy.

And You Thought The 555 Timer Was Dead?
Recently, both Advanced Linear Devices and Semtech have redesigned the 555 timer chip, improving it in many ways and extending its usefulness—most likely—for years to come.

Melville Eastham: Workplace Innovator Crafts Early Electronic Products
Eastham was the founder of General Radio. The article points out that Eastham founded the company in 1915 to “serve the rapidly growing ham radio market.” By the late 1920s, that “boom” had subsided, and the company turned its attention to precision measurement instruments. It was very successful doing this for many, many years.

10 Technologies to Watch in 2011
This article predicts that “wireless connects for health care” will be one of the technologies to watch in 2011. Makers of medical electronics equipment, apparently, are planning to integrate their gear using Bluetooth.

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