Geo-Alerts on the Web

In the latest issue of the K7RA Propagation newsletter, Tad Cook writes that you can get the latest WWV geo-alert via the Internet and by telephone:

The alerts are transmitted at 18 minutes
after each hour, and you can also read the latest copy at If you want it via
telephone, call 303-497-3235. The broadcasts are updated every three
hours, after 0000z, 0300z, 0600z, 0900z and so on.

This could be very handy next time the bands seem dead and you don’t want to run outside to see if your antenna is still up in the air or not. :)


  1. If you use the Firefox web browser, you might be interested in Propfire:

    It displays propagation information in the status bar of your webbrowser so you can keep tabs on the propagation conditions while you surf.

    You might also be interested in Propagation Stats which allows web masters to put a propagation box on their website.

    That’s the shameless plug – I’ll go back to enjoying your blog.

  2. Hi, Pat–

    Don’t worry about the plug. These are interesting programs. I am thinking about putting Propagation Status on

    73, Dan

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