Get a flu shot!

I know this is off-topic, but if you haven’t already, get a flu shot. You don’t want to come down with this flu.

How do I know this? The flu hit me yesterday. I was incredibly sick for about 14 hours. I couldn’t keep any food or liquids down. It was very nasty. I’m better today, but still not feeling very hungry, and I’m very tired.

Around here, they cost about $20, if your health insurance doesn’t cover it. This is one time I wish I’d heeded my wife’s advice to go get one.


  1. I had the flu in November and was in bed for two weeks! I was off work one whole week for Thanksgiving vacation, and only missed one week of work, but I also missed Thanksgining! Oh well, I know that it will happen again next year. (Thanksgiving, that is – not the flu!)

  2. Dan KB6NU says:

    Feeling much better today. After listening to a Science Friday segment on the flu just now, I think I picked up a norovirus, not the flu. What this illness lacked in longevity, it made up for in intensity.

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