Getting Into Fox-Hunting

The other day a guy in our club who teaches science to home-schooled kids, was telling me about a project he worked on with one of his classes. They had sent up a balloon, with some 2m gear to track the path by APRS. When it came to earth, they were able to get pretty close to it, but still had a bit of trouble locating it and recovering it.

I told him this was a perfect application for fox hunting! Being a new ham, he told me that he wasn’t really familiar with this, so I volunteered to do a Web search and post links to some that look good. I’m no expert, but here’s what I came up with:

  • Getting Started in Transmitter Hunting. This is a four-chapter tutorial that covers terminology, equipment for on-foot and mobile fox hunting, and fox-hunting strategies.
  • Homing In. This website is operated by Joe Moell, K0OV, who writes the “Homing In” column for CQ magazine. In addition to technical tips, it has news about amateur radio direction finding (ARDF) competitions and other ARDF activities.

You can find a ton more links by Googling “amateur radio direction finding.” Let me know if you find any sites that you particularly like.


  1. Robert Krueger says:

    Your link to “Radio Direction Finding Projects” does not list a single one of the examples you quote after the link.

    • I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying, Robert. The original post had three links. The first two sites are still up, but the third one seems to have gone away. I’ve removed that link from the post.

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