Ham Radio in the News – 9/25/11

Here are a few more articles about ham radio that have appeared in newspapers around the country:

  1. It’s basically about….helping people in emergencies. A lifetime interest turned into a lifetime hobby, and now Richard Nielsen is using his skills in amateur radio to potentially save lives in an emergency.
  2. What a ham!: Amateur radio operators provide vital communication. In times of emergency, when communications lines are down and power is out, when a natural disaster disrupts telephone and cell phone systems, amateur radio operators, or hams, take to the airwaves to provide vital communication.
  3. In age of technology, ham radios can still be vital communication. The ground shaking for a few seconds in Central Pennsylvania was far from a disaster, but having a reliable means of communications is necessary for emergency responders – especially when a real disaster strikes.

I guess it’s our emergency communications capabilities that make the news, but I really wish that newspaper articles would quit emphasizing that over all the other aspects of the hobby.

I also wish that newspapers would stop calling ham radio “old technology.” Sure, amateur radio has been around a long time, but the radios we use today are hardly “old technology.”

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