Ham Radio in the News

One of the ways I gather information for this blog is Google Alerts. It sends me an e-mail every day with references to stories or web pages that have ham radio content. This includes newspaper stories that have found their way into online editions of the newspaper.

I’ve been slightly surprised by the number of articles. Every day, there seems to be one or two. Here are two that showed up today, for example:

  • Ham radio hangs on. This story from the Christian Science Monitor¬†captures some of the essence of ham radio, including the do-it-yourself nature of our hobby and the camaraderie of our hobby.
  • Young ‘ham’ finds words are golden in radio contest. This story describes the efforts of¬†16-year old Matthew E. Morrison of Landisburg, who won several thousand dollars worth of amateur radio equipment from a radio club as a prize for an essay he wrote. He’s already licensed, but the story fails to give his callsign.

These are just two examples, and there are many more. If you all are interested, I’ll post links from time to time.

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