Amateur radio in the news: K2RNF (SK), new repeaters, Spanish antennas

Wendell sounds like a guy I would have liked to have know…Dan

Wendell, K2RNF (SK). Wendell was a fourth-generation engineer. His three children and two of his grandchildren are also engineers. A graduate of Vanderbilt University, he spent most of his career at the Radio Corporation of America. He worked on anti- submarine warfare, missile defense and the global positioning system (GPS), among many other projects. He was licensed as an amateur radio operator, call sign K2RNF. In 1965, he became the first amateur to create a receiving station for weather satellite photos, using his home-built ham radio apparatus with a motor-controlled antenna mounted on a jungle gym in his Moorestown back yard.

UPDATE: I found this obituary for K2RNF on the Philadelphia Inquirer website. It goes into more detail on his work on receiving satellite photos, and even has an old photo of him. Very cool!

Amateur radio repeaters established. Cliff Wallace, W6CDW, a retired police officer and radio engineer, as well as vice-president of the Twirlers Square Dance Club, has established two amateur radio repeaters that have been designed to provide increased coverage from Canyon Lake to the greater Temescal Valley.

You can use Google to translate this for  you. :)

Emitiendo por ondas hasta Japon. Angro Comunicaciones, empresa de Brenes, de los breneros Rodrigo Herrera y Ángeles García, es la única entidad española que fabrica antenas para el mundo del radioaficionado.

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