Ham Radio on the Net – 11/22/11

A couple of items that have appeared on the Internet have been making news in amateur radio circles.

The first, Ham Radio in the 21st Century, appeared on EDN.Com, the website for EDN magazine. EDN is a trade magazine for electronics engineers. It’s a very nice piece on the state of ham radio, including not only the basics, but also a discussion of some of the high-tech toys we now have. If someone you know wants an intro to ham radio, this might be a good article to point them towards.

The second appeared today on FoxNews.Com. Radio Days Are Back: Ham Radio Licenses at an All-Time High notes that the number of licensed amateur radio operators is at an all-time high, with more than 700,000 licensees registered in the FCC database. That number has increased by more than 40,000 in the last five years alone.

The next time someone tells you, “Gee, I didn’t know that amateur radio still existed,” make sure you tell them that not only is it alive and kicking, but growing.


  1. I have a keen interest in setting up radio stations and found your blog very interesting thanks 4 the info

  2. Wow, I thought Ham Radio was dying, I really did, before I read this article.
    It looks like dropping the morse code requirements are working.

  3. I HOPE so Dan. Nothing quite like working someone on an antenna you built.
    I actually found this ham radio blog by doing a search on antennas.
    LOL, I think there was some 80 meter antenna article I came here to read, then got sidetracked.
    I never did find that antenna post:)

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