Ham Radio on YouTube- 2/22/12


A modified brad point bit makes a pad in some PCB material.

Building Ham Radio Subway Style. This video shows how one ham (I couldn’t find his callsign anywhere in the video or his YouTube profile) makes prototype boards from bare PCB material and a brad-point bit. As one commenter noted, this looks a lot easier that by cutting islands out of PCB material and gluing them to another board.

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1801, Feb. 17, 2012. This video includes reports on:

  • WRC-12: New 600 Meter Allocation
  • 2 Ghz band comes under attack in Sweden
  • Ham radio gets an exclusion from a proposed Illinois distracted driving law
  • Ham radio balloon heading to China disappears
  • Spray on antennas become a reality


  1. I wonder what happened to the Ham Radio Balloon in China ?

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