Ham radio ops playing basketball?

A recent item in a Google Alert titled, “Aranda takes MVP plum of MDX caging.” I clicked on the link and was taken to the website of the Saipan Tribune, where I found a story about a guy named Jack Aranda who “won the coveted MVP award after lifting San Antonio to an 87-72 victory in the winner-take-all title game against As Lito/Chow Queen in the 2011 MDX Amateur Radio Club Inter-Village Friendship League at the Civic Center Basketball Court in Susupe last Sunday.”

After reading that, I’m thinking, are the hams a lot younger in Saipan that they are ┬áin better shape than us hams on the mainland? And, even if they are, how do they get so many to turn out that they can form a league?

I e-mailed the author, and here’s what she said:

Thanks for your email. The members/officials of the radio club organized the league and there are some (not all) members who also played. The rest of the players are youth and B league ranked players.

Mystery solved. While I was on the site, I surfed around a bit and discovered that they play a lot of basketball on Saipan. At least the paper had quite a few stories about games played in a variety of leagues.


  1. Larry Koziel K8MU says:

    What timing!

    Just last night at Hazel Park ARC meeting, I tossed out an idea to the membership about a possible off-air club activity. My idea was to get together a team of either golfers or bowlers (or both), and challenge some of the other local radio clubs to a match. I’m sure the results wouldn’t be so newsworthy as to catch the attention of someone on the other side of the globe, but it might be fun to hear the members with some friendly smack talk on the local repeater in anticipation of winning bragging rights over a rival club.

    Any takers in Ann Arbor?

  2. I’m not a golfer, but I am a bowler, and we have at least two other ham bowlers here in Ann Arbor, and I bet that I can twist their arms to bowl with us. I’ll email you and we can work out some details.

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