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This from Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF:

Hi All,

At the recent Dayton Hamvention the newly formed Ham Radio Video Corps (HRVC) was unveiled to the ham radio public. As previously mentioned on this remailer, the HRVC, conceived by TV/Film Producer Dave Bell, W6AQ, following lengthy talks with Al Kaul, W6RCL, and others including Gary Pearce, KN4AQ, and this writer.

The HRVC is a group dedicated to the acquisition, post production, library and distribution of video related to all aspects of the hobby of Amateur Radio. It is hoped that eventually the HRVC will be a one stop world-wide repository and resource of video related to Amateur Radio in times of emergency, emergency preparation, operator training, education resources to educators as well as providing stock footage of every aspect of this global wireless hobby and public service.

One of the first tasks that HRVC will undertake is to provide additional video for Allen, W1AGP, and the ARRL to use in the “Hello” campaign. The preferable format is Mini-DV (or DV Cam), but any high quality or broadcast quality video format will be accepted. Analog broadcast formats like Betacam or DVC-PRO would be great, but the Min-DV has proven to be a less expensive alternative. (Super VHS recorded in SP mode is also OK, but please regular VHS at any play speed.)

To help kick off the HRVC a remailer has been established on Yahoogroups for the organization. (Before anyone asks, Yahoogroups was chosen because it is free of charge.)

If you are a video professional or believe that you can assist this project in other ways, you are invited to join. To subscribe, simply send an e-mail to subscribe-thehrvc@yahoogroups.com. The group is un-moderated and you can begin posting to it as soon as your confirmation e-mail arrives. All that’s asked is that discussions be kept on topic as noted in the purpose for creating the group and the remailer.

Dave Bell, Alan Kaul and I hope that some of you will find the concept of a Ham Radio Video Corps interesting and will become a part of it. We believe that it will go a long way in assisting dedicated folks like Allen W1AGP and others who are trying to publicize the good works of the ham radio community by providing them with the one tool that is always lacking: Good quality up to date video of ham radio in action.

If you have any questions about the group or its objective(s) please send them to w6aq@aol.com. Questions regarding the operation of the remailer itself go to me to wa6itf@arnewsline.org. (I seem to have been elected as “webmaster” for this one.)

As we said at Dayton 2 1/2 weeks ago: “Welcome to the Ham Radio Video Corps. You and your camera are needed to make it happen”

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF


  1. Peter Berrett vk3pb says:

    Dear Bill

    I am interested to hear more about your video repository for Amateur Radio. I am an Amateur TV enthusiast and am trying to source suitable content to put out over our local ATV repeater here in Melbourne Australia.

    I haven’t any videos of my own to contribute although I think that you should consider adding the Phil Mont Mobile Radio Club’s great video ‘Every Single Minute’.


    Please let me know of any content you have that I can download for transmission over Amateur TV.

    cheers Peter vk3pb
    Melbourne Australia

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