HamQTH.Com an alternative to QRZ.Com

I got this message yesterday from Petr, OK2CQR, proprietor of HamQTH.Com:

I’m very happy that I can inform you about recent news at HamQTH.com.

What’s new?

Small statistic:

  • 1,343,209 callsigns in database
  • 11,883 registered users
  • 7,018,773 queries to XML search
  • 6,521,517 QSO in the log from 953 different callsigns

Did you know that DX cluster at HamQTH can colour the spots according to QSO you have in the log?

We have almost 50 times more users using XML search than web visitors every day. It’s fine, but please encourage others to register at HamQTH and update their profiles. Without that, XML search won’t be accurate. Thank you!

HamQTH is a real alternative to QRZ.Com. Check it out.


  1. Why do we need an ‘alternative to QRZ.Com’?

    Answer – We don’t.

  2. QRZCQ.com is another excellent alternative.

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