Hands-On Museum Project Makes QST!

On page 95 of the January 2009 QST, there’s a short article on three recent grants by the ARRL foundation. The third one describes the grant give to our Hands-On Museum project. It reads:

A grant of $3,000 have been awarded to the Hands-On Museum that offers experiences in the wonder of science, math, and technology with interactive, informal educational opportunities for more than 200,000 visiitors annually. This grant will provide the resources for a permanent amateur radio station in the museum lobby [[we've actually moved out of the lobby and into a permanent space already...Dan]], using callsign WA2HOM and supported by local radio operators. The exhibit will include a visible rooftop antenna, a QSL card display, and real-time demonstrations , including Morse Code and radio-controlled operations.

In fact, we plan to use the bulk of the money to put up a tower on the roof. The other parts of the exhibit were funded by the $10,000 grant from the IEEE.

If you are working on a project like this, please do contact the ARRL Foundation. Their website has information on other projects they’ve helped fund and application forms.

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