Heathkit Getting Back into the Kit Biz

Larry, KD8MZM, recently pointed out on our club mailing list that Heathkit is getting back into the kit business. Their Web page says:

Heathkit News




In late August, Heathkit will debut their new line of Do-it-Yourself kits for common around-the-house items. The first kit will be a Garage Parking Assistant (GPA). The Garage Parking assistant kit lets you build your own system that uses ultrasonic sound waves to locate your car as it enters the garage. The system signals to the driver using LED lights mounted on the wall when the car is detected and in the perfect spot for parking.

The GPA-100 kit consists of two primary assemblies – The LED Display in kit form and the pre-assembled ultrasonic range module. the kit will include everything you need to complete the project except a soldering iron and hand tools.

Next on the market will be a Wireless Swimming Pool Monitor kit followed by many more. Heathkit wants to continue to bring to its customers interesting, unique Heathkit products. Heathkit is interested in learning what types of products kit builders would like to build. Kit builders can submit their suggestions through this website using the Contact Us email.


  1. Mike Zydiak W2MJZ says:

    Wow… it brings back great memories from my teens nearly fifty years ago. ( I still have two unbuilt Heathkits in the boxes on the shelf, the station monitor and the two meter synthesized mobile.)

    I do wonder if I could interest them in bringing out a new, low power, multiband HF CW transceiver :)

    Mike Zydiak W2MJZ

  2. Alex Flinsch says:

    It looks like they will be developing some amateur kits. The website now states “Based on your input, we are looking at developing amateur radio kits. Our goal is to have kits available by the end of year.”

    Might be a nice xmas gift….


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