Heathkit Nostalgia Event

On July 23rd, 1954, “Mr. Heathkit,” Howard E. Anthony was killed in a plane crash. To honor “Mr. Heathkit,” The Great Outdoor Radio Club, or GORC, is proud to sponsor the First Heathkit Nostalgia Event. This event is open to any licensed amateur radio operator. The main objective of the event is to communicate with classic Heathkit Radios. This is not a sprint nor is it a contest. This is a friendly gathering of amateur radio operators who own and operate Heathkit radios. If you don’t own a Heathkit radio, you still may join the fun!

Sponsor: The Great Outdoor Radio Club – GORC
Date: October 1st, 2011
Time: 0000 UTC – 2300 UTC
Bands: 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m, 6m
Modes: SSB, CW

A certificate will be issued to any amateur radio operator who makes contact with a minimum of ten Heathkit radio stations. A special certificate will be issued to any amateur radio operator who operates his or her Heathkit radio station outdoors and makes a minimum of ten contacts. This certificate will have a graphic your Heathkit radio model on it.

Exchange: Call, RST, Heathkit Model (or Power Level if no Heathkit radio used)

Please email all logs to: heathkitevent@wa3wsj.org

Mail to:
Heathkit Nostalgia Event
775 Moonflower Ave.
Reading, PA 19606-3447

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