Hot Amateur Programs…..To Go!

WD6CNF has a number of cool-looking programs on his website – Most of them are Vista-compatible, and they are all available for free, including:

  • CW Decoder
  • Audio Spectrum Analyzer
  • Audio Generator/Audio Spectrum Analyze
  • Digital Voice Keyer
  • Simple Windows Packet Controller
  • DSP Audio Filter
  • Instrument Tuner
  • Dual Channel Oscilloscope
  • Dual Function Generator

I plan to download and try out the CW decoder at the museum. It would be nice to have a program that will display what’s being sent and received while I am working CW there.

If any of you do download and try out some of these programs, please comment below.


  1. I have been following your blog and wanted to say thanks for bringing out good information from the web. I shall try CW decoder as well, not sure if oscilloscopes would require some hardware homebrewing for the software to work – any ideas on that?


    • Dan KB6NU says:

      Thanks for your kind word, Gaurav. My guess is that the oscilloscope program uses the sound card input, so it’s really only useful at audio frequencies.

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