HSMM Lives

I often wondered what happened the the HIgh-Speed Multimedia (HSMM) work that was going on. It never really seems to get much press. Several years ago, I attended an HSMM session at a Great Lakes Division convention, but really nothing since then.

I have, however, found one group that’s doing some interesting work with HSMM. HSMM-Mesh is a group that’s developed the hardware and software necessary to create self-configuring mesh networks. They use relatively cheap hardware – $60 wireless routers – and software that they’ve developed to do this.

It’s worth checking out if you’re interested in doing something like this. Their website isn’t really for novice users, but this approach really has some potential, imho.


  1. I think that interest in HSMM faded with John Champa’s passing (http://www.arrl.org/news/john-champa-k8ocl-sk). He was the sparkplug for HSMM.

  2. John’s passing was a great loss. I gave some HSMM presentations with him.

    The hsmm-mesh.org web page got over 187,000 hits in October 2011, so there is plenty of growing interest in HSMM.


  3. James W8ISS says:

    There has been ‘talk’ for a few years about implementing a HSMM-mesh node system in the area by a couple of people but it just never has taken flight or gained interest beyond those few persons :(

    If we could only get ‘almost’ every ham in the six county area of South East Michigan to set one up on top of there roof with two antennas and a modified WRT54GL, it is ‘possible’ we could create a very viable system that would be separate from the I-net but be utilised if ever needed.
    Just think what could be done with a HSMM-meshed network:
    1) Voice
    2) remote control of radios
    3) streaming video
    4) ?????

    James W8ISS

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