Hurricane Watch Net Recruiting Observers

This was posted by Stan, N8BHL for the HWN on July 8, 2011 on eHam.Net…..Dan 

Hurricane Watch NetThe Hurricane Watch Net is currently looking for amateur radio operators that are located in hurricane prone areas to become part of a database of “Official Reporting Stations”.

One of the functions of HWN is to provide on the ground, real-time weather data to the forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, FL. HWN gets this weather data from amateur radio operators (reporting stations) who volunteer their time to monitor data from their calibrated home weather stations and report that data to HWN via our net that operates on 14.325 MHz, so you must be able to legally transmit on that frequency to participate. Should you not own a home weather station, HWN will still take your observed weather data.

HWN welcomes reports from ALL stations – we depend on your participation! A benefit of registering in the database is HWN will notify you of upcoming net activations should you be located in the affected area of a storm.If you are interested in joining the HWN team of Official Reporting Stations, complete and submit the short web form on our website.

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