IC-746PRO Service Manual On Line

This item is more of a reminder for me, but other folks might find this useful as well. James, AD1L, recently posted links to the service manual and schematics on the icom746pro mailing list:

The schematics are in a zip file, but the manual is a djvu file. I’d never heard of this file format before, but apparently, it’s something similar to a PDF file. To get a viewer, go to the WinDjView & MacDjView home page.


  1. Hi Dan,

    I have a copy of the ic-718 service manual in pdf format.

    I would glady attach it to an email to send it to any one who would like a copy This file is appoximately10 mb. So be sure you can receive a file of this size.

    Send an email to me at jeller3@yahoo.com or k8elr@arrl.net



  2. thank you for support my need is Ic746pro service manual my name Walter PY2ATW 73
    qrv from são Paulo brasil

  3. my need servicemanual IC746pro 73 qrv Valter

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