In My Inbox – 9/13/11

I had a couple of interesting items in my inbox this morning:

  1. Free PRO membership to Instructables.Com. Normally, PRO memberships cost money, but Instructables offers free PRO memberships to teachers. When I asked if I qualify because I teach ham radio classes, they said I sure do, and I’m now a PRO member. Very cool. Thanks, Instructables!
  2. A request from┬áNestoras, 5B4AHZ, secretary of the Cyprus Amateur Radio Society to reproduce my Parent’s Guide to Ham Radio. He writes, “Over the last 3 years or so, be it by pure chance, 3-4 very active hams got together and are trying to re-energise interest in amateur radio within Cypriot society. Given our small number, we rely heavily on help provided by other clubs and societies, who provide us with lots of material that is modified and translated in Greek, for the local population here. ┬áI would like to ask for your permission to recreate the parent’s guide to amateur radio you have created, on behalf of our society.”
       How cool is that? Of course, I gave him permission to do so. I would also be happy to send it to any other ham radio society that would like to have it translated into their language.

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