IRTS Promotes Clubs

IRTSI forget exactly where I found out about the EI8IJ Fund, which promotes amateur radio clubs in Ireland, but when I did read about it, I thought, “What a great idea!” Here’s how the Irish Radio Transmitting Society (IRTS) website describes the EI6IJ Fund:

Each year, in order to promote Amateur Radio to the public, the Committee will consider the awarding of a number of grants to Affiliated Clubs. These grants will primarily be funded by a kind donation by the late John O’Riordan EI6IJ. The grants will be of around €300, usually not exceeding a total of €1000 in any one year, and are to assist with the mounting of public special event stations by clubs affiliated to IRTS. The stations should have significant public exposure with the specific intention of demonstrating Amateur Radio to members of the public. The funds may be allocated in one or more grants, or not at all, depending on the nature of applications received.

The ARRL continually pays lips service to clubs, but rarely do they ever put their money where their mouth is. Perhaps instead of spending so much time and effort to raise funds for W1AW, they should spend some of that loot on a program such as this which will reach many more people.

If your club could apply for such a grant, how would you use the money?

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