Jim, K8ELR, redux

I got an e-mail today from a guy who was looking for my good friend Jim, K8ELR (SK). Jim was my sidekick down at WA2HOM and one of the nicest guys that you’d ever meet.

The guy wrote, “I am currently listening to what sounds like a radio broadcast on AM 5.090 MHz. I am hearing K8ELR in a discussion and was wondering what frequency they are actually transmitting on. I tried to contact  James Eller directly but his email address listed on QRZ.com bounced.”

I informed him that Jim has been an SK for several years now and asked if he recalled what radio show he had been listening to.

As it turns out, this was a re-broadcast of a QSO Radio Show. I find it a little amusing that Randall, the show’s MC and producer would re-run this show a couple years later. If you’d like to hear the show, go to http://www.tedrandall.com/media/podcat/qso-03-17-09.mp3.

Randall actually interviewed me for a show, but for whatever reason, it never got on the air. I inquired about it one time, but he never returned my e-mail.  He talked to me for over an hour. Maybe he accidentally deleted the recording or just didn’t find me that interesting. :)

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