Kids to Convene on 80m

Jim, K8ELR, found this on QTH.Com:

ANNOUNCE – 80-meter net
I am a 10 year old ham. I am starting an HF net on 80 meters. It will be Sunday nights at 8:00 pm. The frequency will be on 3.960. The net will be called the young hams net. The purpose of the net is to attract young hams to participate in a net with another young ham running it. Any one is welcome to the net even mobile stations. I would like to get more young Techs to get there General license and get involved with hf nets. Thanks and try to get young hams nvolved.


Way to go, Caeden! To get in touch with Caeden, go to the QTH.Com listing and fill in the form at the bottom of the listing.


  1. JIM K8ELR says:

    I think this is great. I just wish I had an antenna I could use on 80/75m. I would just like to give them encouragement and tell them “way to go”.


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