Lamp Generates Power for Radio

From the Audio DesignLine Newsletter of 12/29/05:

Power a radio by the heat generated by a lantern seems like an unlikely proposition. But this is exactly what a product from UK-based Navitron does. The unlikely product is unique in the marketplace……Read the article.

This looks like a cool gadget to me, although the company’s website does not list a price. Still, it looks ripe for modification. I could see replacing the radio with a small QRP rig.


  1. Certainly a DX pedition thought….

  2. I got the following message from the vendor of the lamp this morning:

    Hi Dan,

    The lantern is £29.74. Shipping to the USA by surface mail would be £15 or by airmail would be £25. I can take payment by credit card, as long as it is delivered to the card holders registered address.

    As far as I know there is noone selling these lanterns in the USA. I had to order a large quantity in order to persuade the manufacturers to make a batch of these lanterns. Everyone I spoke to thought the item was out of production. Originally it was manufactured by a company in Belgium, but they have long since ceased trading.

    kind regards, Ivan

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