Last Weekend in Ham Radio at KB6NU

Friday night, I played Elmer. One of the guys who was in my General class last year built a Norcal 40 and needed some help aligning it.

We got the receiver portion going quite nicely, but the final amp didn’t want to work for us. Unfortunately, we ran out of time before we could debug the thing. We did narrow it down, though, to the few components in the final amp circuit, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for my friend to finish the debug.

The Norcal 40, by the way is a nice little rig, if a bit on the pricey side. It costs $140, but the VFO covers a decent range, and that price includes a nice enclosure.

Saturday, I didn’t do any ham radio at all. Instead, my wife and I went down to the Detroit Institute of Arts. They just opened a new wing and have reorganized the exhibits. If you’re in the Detroit are, it’s worth the trip.

Sunday, I spent three hours down at WA2HOM, our museum station. I was joined there by Jim, K8ELR and Ralph, AA8RK.

I made a couple of 40m CW QSOs, and then a few 20m NM QSO party phone QSOs. We also got one U-M EE grad student interested in the station and perhaps getting his amateur radio license.

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