Latest Pack of Cards From the Buro

On Friday, I got the latest pack of QSL cards from the buro. Included were one each from Japan, Costa Rica, Ukraine, Portugal, and Germany; two from France, three from Italy, and four from Spain.

The Japanese card confirmed a QSO way back in 2003, but the most remarkable thing about it is that the card was from JA1NUT, a station whose callsign spells a word.


When I reported receiving this card on a 2m net last night, a couple of the other guys on the net also mentioned working him in the past. I looked up JA1NUT on QRZ.Com found that he has over 34,000 lookups, so he must be quite an active operator. And, oddly enough, I even heard him this morning on 40m, working a WB4 station. He was weak, but definitely in there.

The other notable QSL card was from HB9DRE. This is the first card for WA2HOM that I’ve received via the buro. I’m hoping there will be many more so that we can beef up our QSL card display at the museum.

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