Links to Amusing Websites

Here are a few more interesting websites that I’ve run across lately…..Dan

SparkBangBuzz. Subtitled “Cool Homemade Stuff, etc.,” this website details several projects that might be of interest to radio amateurs, including:

  • Easy Ten 80m transmitter using a single 2N3904 and a
  • magnetic audio amplifier, using toroids not tubes or transistors.

Antenna Compendium. This is Shortwave America’s HF antenna page. Here, you’ll find dozens of links to HF, VHF, UHF, and even EHF antennas.

GetRadioJobs.Com. Looking for a job in radio? Try this site. A search for “engineer” turned up 15 listings that were posted in the last month, including Radio Frequency Engineer, Product Support Engineer, and Navigation Radio Engineer.

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