Make a Mini Solder Pot

One of the most unpleasant tasks when making a kit is stripping the leads of a toroid. Well, now the guys at, have come up with a simple way to turn an old soldering iron into a mini solder pot. This looks like a really neat way to make this task a lot easier.

mini solder pot


  1. Greg Leonard says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I have a home business and solder a lot of 30 gauge wire. Didn’t want to pay big bucks for a pot. THIS IS PERFECT! There’s just one thing, and this is the best part. I didn’t put the iron in a stand and to my amazement the solder does not fall out when it’s turned upside down. I even put the iron in it’s metal holder when I’m not using it, and the solder does not fall out! When I need to tin wires, I just pick up the iron and insert the wire. It truly does work beautifully. THANKS AGAIN!

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