Man…I Gotta Figure Out a Way to Make Some Money Off This Thing

I often joke that I have the #1-rated ham radio blog. I quickly go on to say that what I mean by that is that if you type in “ham radio blog” or “amateur radio blog” into Google, I come up #1. Of course, that’s practically meaningless. I mean how many people are going to type that into Google.

So, I thought, I’ll bite the bullet and see where I rank if I type just “ham radio” or “amateur radio” into Google. Well, lo and behold, I just came up #7 for “amateur radio” and #8 for “ham radio.” Honestly, I’m kind of amazed by that.

At any rate, I apparently got the search engine optimization (SEO) thing down. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to take advantage of it. <grin>


  1. Dave New, N8SBE says:

    Tightly focussed banner ads for ham radio-related products?

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