Microwave Hacking, Anyone?

I’m not much of a microwave guy, but the article “Mattel makes a real radar gun, on the cheap” on RF Design Line looked intriguing to me. Designed to measure the speeds of Hot Wheels model cars zipping around a track, it emits and detects a pulsed 10.5 GHz microwave signal. It seems to me that you could buy two of them (they cost $30 each) and with a little hacking get them to send and receive CW at the very least.

The article has a lot more technical detail. Perhaps someone with more microwave experience could take a look and tell us what they think.


  1. An interesting URL to check it about the radar is:


    73 de Bill

  2. Nice one, Dan! We are gping to buy several of these and disect them for the first quarter microwave circuits class here. It is amazing how inexpensive microwave electronics have gotten–mostly thanks to the huge markets for satellite TV, wifi, and cellular. Geez, 10 or so years ago you’d only find this technology in satellites and military hardware.

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