Miscellaneous Notes: LOTW Update, E-Books, W8AO/W8IO

LOTW Update
My last posting on my experiences with Logbook of the World (LOTW), “Is LOTW More Trouble Than It’s Worth,” was one of my most popular posts, in terms of the number of responses it generated. I published that in November 2009. Since then, I again changed computers in my shack, and not wishing to go through the hellacious process I went through last time, I just haven’t bothered getting LOTW up and running again.

A couple of days ago, however, a fellow graciously asked me if I would QSL via LOTW. He asked so nicely, I could hardly refuse. Besides, it had been more than a year since I last uploaded my log to LOTW.

Fortunately for me, this time the installation process went without a hitch, and I had it all up and running again in less than 15 minutes. I uploaded my latest QSOs in short order too.   As of Sat, 5 Mar 2011 UTC, I have  10,133 QSOs uploaded and 1,507 QSOs confirmed, including 89 countries. This is compared to 8,928 QSOs uploaded and 1,160 confirmed, including 81 countries on Nov. 30, 2009. I’ll have 90 countries as soon as S9DX uploads their logs.

As I mentioned before, I’ve started selling Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook e-book versions of the No-Nonsenses Technician Class License Study Guide. While it’s not in any danger of breaking any sales records, I have been somewhat amused. In two and a half months, it’s sold about 20 copies.

Last Saturday, down at the museum, I worked W8IO,  who lives in Macedonia, OH. About an hour later, I get a call from W8AO, who lives in Wooster, OH, only about 50 miles away from Macedonia. During the course of our conversation, I mentioned that I’d worked W8IO earlier that morning.

On his next transmission, W8IO tells me that he used to work W8AO all the time, but that he hadn’t heard him in quite a while. (That’s not too surprising, actually–they’re only 50 miles apart.) He asked me to convey his regards next time I worked him. I just thought it was quite a coincidence to work both these guys so close together, and that they knew one another.


  1. Hi Dan,

    I guess this means you are now the LOTW specialist. So now you need to get wa2hom on LOTW.
    Jim K8ELR

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