Mobile Installation Guidance from the Horse’s Mouth

At Dayton, I picked up a copy of 10-10 International‘s newsletter. Here’s a nugget from there:

Got Noise?
Got a problem with too much noise in your mobile HF radio? Try these websites. Seems that even the Customer Service reps for thes ecompanies don’t know about them.

The Ford document looks like it’s the best, but they all have some good info in them. Anyone have links for foreign automakers?


  1. Michael Ritter says:

    I have a 2005 q 2005 Chev Avalanche. I have a large ign. noise that goes up and down with the engine RPM. It is not alt whine. I have replaced the ign. wires with Magnecor supression wires, Connected the power cords directly to the batt., Bonded the tail pipe to the back frame, installed a ferite coil to the back of the 12 vdc line at the remote radio, and have run a ground strap from the antenna to the frame. Any help would be great. What and where are units that could be causing the noise? I hear the fuel pump could be causing the problem. If so where located and what color wire to choke.


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