More Interesting Stuff from the Mailling Lists

As the title implies, here are a few more interesting items I’ve gleaned from all the mailling lists I’m on:

  • Defense Scrapyard Handbook, DoD 4160.21 H. On the GO-Tech list, Keith Mc. (not a ham….yet) says, “This is a scan of an interesting government document on identifying and processing scrapyard materials and metals. Chapter 4 contains field tests to ID materials (which could be very useful for all of the “material scavengers” among us).”
  • A discussion of RFI generated by wireless devices prompted Steve, NN4X, to post these two links:

    I believe I’ve written about the second, but the first is a new one on me. Both are interesting reading.

  • Tom, K8TB reports, “After seventy years of broadcasting Canada’s official time, NRC’s shortwave station CHU will move the transmission frequency for the 7335 kHz transmitter to 7850 kHz. The change goes into effect on 01 January 2009 at 00:00 UTC. We also have a leap second right then.

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