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Heathkit_TM-logo_smallThere’s now a FAQ page on the new Heathkit site. Whoever they are, the new owners sure know how to build up the hype.

Here are a few interesting excerpts:

Big changes, big plans

Q. Is Heathkit back?
A. Yes. We’re back.
Q. So are you really going to make Heathkit® kits?
A. Yes.
Q. Wow! That simple? “Yes?”
A. Yes.
Q. Will Heathkit products include entirely new designs?
A. Yes.
Q. Will you revive any old kit designs?
A. Very likely. Tell us what you’d like – take our survey.
Q. When can I start ordering Heathkit® kits?
A. They’re coming. But it’s a long road, and we need every product we offer to be Heathkit® quality. We will communicate with you, here and elsewhere, as we make progress. Thanks for being patient while we rebuild this great company.
Q. I have great ideas—about products I wish you’d make, and past kits I’d buy if Heathkit brings them back. What should I do?
A. You are our favorite customer. We want to hear from you. Of course, don’t tell us anything proprietary unless you have a non-disclosure agreement signed with us. But if you want to tell us about yourself, your favorite past or future Heathkit product, and what you most hope to see and buy from us: Please—take our survey.


Questions about the company

Q. So who are you guys?

A. More on this later. Notwithstanding this FAQ, we’re presently in stealth. But here’s what we want you to know right now: We have enormous respect for the Heathkit® name, and we know you do too. We consider ourselves this decade’s caretakers of the most respected name in do-it-yourself and educational electronics and related products over the past century. It’s a terrific opportunity and a historical responsibility we take seriously, and we want to preserve and grow this opportunity, together with you. We know we need to earn and keep your trust every day. Meanwhile, to whet your appetite: Our new CEO/President, and every member of Heath Company’s Board of Directors, are avid kit-builders and DIYers.  We own and use Heathkit® products ourselves. For those with this interest, it happens we all are licensed amateur radio operators. (Also happy with our team will be: car buffs, pilots, musicians & artists, sports/outdoors enthusiasts, parents, educators, and people who value community service.) Our management team have substantial experience as high-tech executives, in startups and public companies, and in technology and finance. We are carefully growing a team of highly experienced industry advisors. Most importantly, we want you to help and advise us too. Ultimately, it is you, with your excitement and enthusiasm and interest in doing great things with great products, who will make Heathkit a success.


  1. Dave, N8SBE says:

    I notice they devoted a large amount of space to “Intellectual Property”. Not that I’m against IP (I’m married to an attorney), but it seems they wish to couch themselves as the victim of mass rip-offs of their good name (?!), and are eliciting the help of the Heathkit(R) faithful to stop those perpetrators dead in their tracks.

    I have a really nice coffee mug with the Heathkit logo on it (I built an HW-101, owned an SB-102, and built an SB-104 [which cured me of Heathkit right then and there]). There was someone at Dayton several years ago in the flea market, selling logoed mugs with various defunct company logos on them, like Hallicrafters, Collins, etc.

    I wonder if I’ll have to turn in my mug to the IP Police? At the time, I thought Heathkit would never see the light of day, again. Maybe they’ll accept a donation?

  2. After nearly six months of little or no communications, the new Heathkit will be holding a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Friday at 8pm EST. More information here.

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