More QSLs!

Yesterday, I received a couple more QSL cards from stations whose callsigns spell words—K4IN and N4PEG.


I love the K4IN card, even though he got my callsign wrong. It was very nice of him to create a card just for me. Thanks, Gerald!

On his card, Ron, N4PEG, writes,”p.s. You would have loved my old call from thirty years ago in Chicago—WD9ARM. If I had a card, I wouldl have sent it. I had contacted the WDxARM calls and arranged skeds to get their QSLs.” That’s very cool.


  1. Hi Dan, Glad to see you got my card, and that it has become famous on your website! Your card with University of Michigan ( largest stadium) is prominently displayed in my ham shack. Thanks again for helping me out during the North Carolina QSO party. Ron, N4PEG

  2. Dan KB6NU says:

    Thanks for sending it!

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