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Also arriving in yesterday’s mail was an attractive certificate from the Washington State Salmon Run, a contest sponsored by the Western Washington DX Club. It seems as though I finished second in Michigan in the low-power, CW category. I don’t recall making all that many contacts, so I was probably second out of two. :) I checked the contest website, but they haven’t yet posted the final results.


A week or so ago, I received my Second Class Operator’s Certificate (above), confirming my status as a member in good standing of the Second Class Operator’s Club (SOC). The motto of the club is, “Because so few are really First Class.” If you’re feeling bad about not making the cut for the First Class Operator’s Club, be aware that there will always be a place for you in the SOC.

UPDATE 4/16/07: In today’s mail, I got yet another certificate. This one for placing first in Michigan in the single-operator, low power category of the 2007 Virginia QSO Party. I did this one all on 80m CW. Thanks, guys!

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