You need a blivet

Brad, AA1IP, wrote to the Glowbugs group:

Disappointed and grumpy because ol’ Sanitary Claus didn’t being you any radio-related presents? Put on your 22, get on your toes and tapdance out an order for a Blivet or Blivette to restore your holiday cheer!

For $9.87, you receive a small USPS Priority flat-rate mail carton– a Blivette– stuffed with miscellaneous electronic parts: some are old, some are new, some are used and removed from equipment, and some are blew, er, blue.

For $23.23, you receive a medium USPS Priority flat-rate mail carton– a Blivet– stuffed with the same contents as above, only more so.

Note that the price of a Blivet or Blivette includes  postage to U.S. addresses only. Overseas postage charges are steep.

Questions welcomed, PayPal honored. Please make sure that your PayPal invoice includes your preferred USPS delivery address.

Now go build a radio!

I just sent off for a Blivette. I’ll let you know what I get.

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