Need Some Paper??

As we all know—or should since there are several questions on the tests about this—you are authorized to transmit when your name and call sign appears in the FCC’s Universal Licensing System database, NOT when your license arrives in the mail. Even so, it’s sometimes nice to have a piece of paper attesting to your accomplishment in passing the test. That is perhaps one reason that someone on the Ham Radio Help Group mailing list asked how long he should wait before becoming concerned about when his license would arrive in the mail.

While others were quick to point out that he didn’t really need the piece of paper, Terry, WA7PML, pointed out that you can print out a “reference copy” right from the FCC website. Here’s how:

Terry also pointed out that the AE7Q website has a page that allows you to print out an even fancier version. Check it out. It lets you specify different fonts and the color of the FCC watermark.

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