New Band Plan

On the HamRadioHelpGroup mailing list, Dan, KE7HLR writes:

I got tired of the ARRL’s 10-page text-mode Band Plan, so here’s my version of the HF Band Chart and Band Plan all on one handy page. I’ll update it again when the new 80m Automatic Data segment/Technician rules go into effect (probably late January/early February).


  1. Fred Harman NØJSP says:


    Good Job

    Fred Harman NØJSP

  2. Very good, much easier to read than many others!

  3. Tim Lotspeich KI6GH says:

    Outstanding Job!!! Easy to read and understand. Thanks!

  4. Nice chart. I appreciate it!

  5. D Watson W2DMW says:

    Good looking, easy to read and understand..fine job !!

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