New Kit from 4SQRP

Terry, WA0ITP, reports:

The Four State QRP Group is very pleased to announce the availability of our new AAØZZ EZKeyer kit.

This full featured PIC-based iambic keyer features 3 memories, 12 direct entry commands, and is very user friendly. It has many of the features of the high end keyers while maintaining ease of use. The PIC chips have been programmed by
Craig Johnson, AAØZZ, of PIC-EL fame.

There are only 10 parts to install on the quick build pc board, and the extensive manual features an Altoids installation tutorial.

The kit is is reasonably priced at only $17.

Please check out the details and order information at

Thank you for supporting the Four State QRP Group and OzarkCon.


  1. Brock Winfrey says:

    When will the next ns-40 kit be available. Mine is not working and it has artwork and holes that are bad due to many alterations. I need to start with a new kit. Thanks.

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