New Kit Provides Variety of Functions

According to Gene, N0MQ, Wayne McFee, NB6M has designed a new kit for the 4SQRP Group us. It is an HF Test Kit with the following functions:

  • Frequency Counter
  • Crystal Oscillator
  • Wideband Noise Generator
  • Audio Oscillator
  • 50 ohm Dummy Load
  • RF Probe
  • Time Domain Reflectometer

This kit is all thru hole parts with no SMT parts. Because of the large cost involved, 4SQRP needs to pre-sell the kits to raise the money to fund this kit. 4SQRP Group does not have dues or any other way to fund this offering so they ask that you prepay by sending them a $50.00 check. They will not cash it until the kits are ready to ship. The kits that 4SQRP Group sells are used to pay for Ozarkcon QRP Convention.

You can find more information on the 4SQRP website, including a picture of the prototype and the manual. This website has information on all of the 4SQRP kits currently available.

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