New QRP kit measures power, SWR

From Terry, WA0ITP, via the qrp-l mailing list:

QRP-o-meterThe Four State QRP Group is pleased to announce a new kit, the QRPometer, a sensitive and accurate power/swr meter designed by David Cripe, NMØS.   Complete specifications, assembly manual, and ordering information can be found online PayPal is accepted.

The range of accurate power measurement extends down to a low 100 milliwatts.  This kit was conceived to fill a need within the hobby for an inexpensive, highly accurate RF power and VSWR meter for QRP power levels.  With it’s large digital display it makes a very useful addition to your shack.

The QRPometer uses simple analog signal-processing circuitry to provide a set of essential measurement features not previously available in a single unit. High quality, double sided, printed circuit board construction is used, with solder mask and silk screened component reference designators.

All components are  through-hole for easy assembly. NO toroids are required, and all controls  and jacks are PCB mounted. The QRPometer can be constructed by beginners as well as experienced builders. Construction time is approximately 3 hours, depending on experience level. The only equipment required for calibration is a digital voltmeter, and a QRP transmitter..

All proceeds  go to fund OzarkCon.  As always, thank you for supporting the Four State QRP Group.


  1. Sales for this kit have been incredible. The first run has sold out in only 27 hours. We regret the neccessity of suspending orders until after OzarkCon 2012. More kits should be available about the 3rd week of April. Please monitor this page and the QRP email lists for the resumption of sales announcement. We’re working hard to bring you an outstanding conference again this year. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and thank you for your great support.

  2. Would this kit work on UHF/VHF?

  3. Dan KB6NU says:

    I’m not 100% sure, but I kind of doubt it.

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