New Version of Tech Study Guide Released

I’m happy to announce that release 1.0 of my No-Nonsense, Technician-Class Study Guide for the latest question pool is now available. The question pool that this study guide covers will take effect on July 1, 2010, so if you’re planning to take the test, or know of someone who’s planning to take the test, after this date, then you’ll want to get this new version of the study guide.

As I noted earlier, this question pool is a little more technical than the previous question pool. There are, for example, questions on components and their functions and schematic symbols that were not on the previous test.

I want to thank the hams who helped me produce this study guide by proofreading the draft and offering some helpful comments. They are: K2MUN, KD8IXP, KC8ZTJ, N6QXA, N5IUT, N6KZW, AK5Z, and KE4KPC.

Finally, I’d like to note that I plan to add an appendix to the study guide with links to websites that cover the different topics. If you have a favorite site that covers Ohm’s Law, schematic symbols, contesting, satellite operation, antennas, or any of the other topics for which there are questions, please e-mail me the URL so that I can include them in the appendix.


Download the new study guide.

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